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How much lead time will we get if you have to cancel a class?

We have a strict no cancellations policy. We do not cancel a class so long as there is one paid-up student enrolled.

Custom Content

You say your group and private classes can be tailored to our needs. What level of customization is included in the base tuition?

The base tuition applies to a standard class using standard materials. However, our instructors are very experienced and flexible. In many cases they can adjust the in-class presentations and exercises to your needs. Often we are able to conduct our classes using your files and/or databases.

In addition, we can develop custom content such as PowerPoint slides, scripts, workbooks, etc. in advance. Please contact us for a free estimate. We can even develop the course content based on your files and/or databases. (see below)


Can a custom class use its own database or files instead of ones you supply?

Yes, just let us know and we will be happy to provide a free quote if required. In many cases there would be no extra charge. We may need an extract of your database or files in advance of the class to help us prepare your class. But often we can adjust our class presentations and exercises in class.


I want to set up a class for several students. Is there a discount for this?

Yes. We do provide substantial discounts for multiple students. This applies whether you want an onsite class at your facility or take it online. See Price List for current levels.

This is intended to apply to a single order. For example, two orders paid a week apart are treated separately.

 Do I get a discount if I buy more than one class?

Yes, if you buy a Training Passport. This provides a very substantial discount. See Price List for current levels.


How do you enroll for a class?

We do not have a separate enrollment process. Simply place your order on-line. We will send you an invoice and confirm the dates when paid.

As a single individual can I sign up for an existing group class?

No. Due to the nature of the group training environment we cannot allow individuals to "join" custom classes for other organizations.

We recommend you sign up for private training or tutoring.

What is the minimum enrollment?

Due to the semi-private nature of our training, scheduled classes will run so long as there is one student enrolled.

Custom group classes require a minimum of two or three students depending on the course. Out of state clients should probably plan on 5 or 6 at the least.


What equipment should we plan on for an on-site class?

One computer per student and one connection for the instructor's laptop or a customer supplied desktop computer. Ideally, all on a LAN with a share drive or folder.

A Datashow or equivalent screen projector.

A suitable training room. (or see Facilities below.)

Can you supply us with computers or projectors for an on-site class?

No. The customer is reponsible for providing needed computers, etc.

Can you supply the software for an on-site class?

No. The customer needs to have the proper software installed and configured on the student computers prior to the class. The instructor will typically bring a laptop with the software they need.


Do you supply materials for your classes such as lab manuals?

Yes. Students do not need to bring any materials to class. We supply all materials needed for each class. This usually includes lab manuals from Logical Operations, a leading national courseware provider.

On-going Support

Once the class is over can we contact you with questions?

Yes. We are happy to answer your questions for a full two months following one of our classes. In addition we encourage our students to take advantage of our consulting and programming services to help with their projects.

Training Modalities

What is the difference between group and private training?

Private training is set up for one person and hourly billing is available for shorter tutoring type sessions. Students in group classes always pay a tuition fee. Both types are scheduled to suit the client's convenience and are customizable.

Group classes are typically hosted at the client's location or online. We may also be able to host the class at a rented university classroom. Private students would typically arrange an online session.

Do you have "pre-arranged" groups?

No, groups are custom scheduled by the client requesting the class.


What are the rates for programming work billed hourly?

We do both hourly work and fixed bid. For current rates please see Programming and Consulting rates.

Are the course prices per day or per class?

Per student per class. For example a two day course advertised at $195 will cost $195 per student, not $390. Our advertised prices are very reasonable.


What if we have to cancel a class? Do we get the full amount refunded?

Tuition is fully refundable with two weeks notice prior to the class start, 50% refundable with 24 hours notice. Customization and other expenses incurred are non-refundable.

Do you provide a refund if we can't use all the days of our passport?

It depends. We figure passport refunds as the difference between the passport cost and the retail cost of the classes taken to date. For example: you took a 1 day VBA class listed for $295. The refund available for the remaining days on an application passport is $495 - $295 = $200.


What is the registration fee?

This is a modest fee for private for group and private classes. Not currently charged.


Can we retake a class?

Due to the custom nature of our classes this is not something we can offer.


When do classes start?

Unless otherwise arranged, class hours are from 9:00AM to 4:00PM for full day classes and 9:00AM to 12:00PM for half day classes. Evening classes are from 6:00PM to 9:00PM.

Can we schedule a class on Saturday?

Yes. This is fine, but is subject to instructor availability.

What about evenings?

For group and private classes our modular approach makes this a very feasible concept. However, there may be limitations imposed by instructor availability.

Can we take just one or two of the sessions for a given class?

Certainly. For example your group may already have some familiarity with how to create tables, work with the datasheet and do simple queries. But you would like some formal training on Forms and Reports (our session 2), or maybe Macros. Give us a call. Our modular approach is a perfect fit for this. We will tailor the class to your needs.

Is consulting offered outside normal weekday work hours?

Subject to availability, yes. Billed at time and 1/2.

Shipping Fee

Is there a charge for shipping the course manuals to an onsite class location?

Not normally. However, if we have to rush delivery of books from our suppliers in order to accommodate a class on short notice the client will pay the additional charge.


What are the travel charges?

An hourly rate for instructor travel time plus mileage when outside the local Orange County Area. These are included in the original invoice at estimated levels per Mapquest or Google Maps. See price list for current rates.

For classes outside the Southern California area meals, lodging and any applicable airfare and auto rental at cost would apply. Travel time is billed at $300 per travel day.

What is the "local Orange County area"?

Locations within 40 miles of Laguna Niguel in south Orange County. Roughly all of Orange County, north to Long Beach and the Los Angeles County line, east to Riverside and south to Oceanside and Vista in San Diego County.

Do you provide training out-of-state?

Yes. Nearby states such as Nevada and Arizona are fine. You will probably want to have a minimum of 5 or 6 students.


When is payment for a class due?

You will be invoiced prior to the scheduling of the class. Invoices are due 50% on receipt, 50% upon completion. Class dates and enrollment will be confirmed upon payment. You may pay by check or credit card.

Meals, auto rental and lodging charges, if any, will be billed at completion. Airfare, if applicable, will be billed as incurred. Travel time will be billed in advance with the original invoice.

What about payments for fixed bid work?

50% upon approval of the Statement of Work. 50% upon delivery and acceptance.

Can you bill students in a group class individually?

Yes, we can bill separately if need be.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept both Visa and MasterCard. We also accept American Express cards.

Training Certificates

Do you award training certificates?

Yes, at the conclusion of each class each student will receive an individual training certificate.


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