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Database Development Courses
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Introduction to Relational Databases
2 day course on the basics of relational database design including tables, fields, keys, indexes, views, normalization, entity relationship diagrams, and SQL. Students will construct a simple ERD using Visio or another modeling tool. Accelerated Database Design is s shorter version of this course.

2 days

Accelerated Relational Database Design
Slightly shorter (1 day) version of DBD200 with minimal SQL. Ideal as a complement to one of the SQL courses. Students will construct, in Visio or another modeling tool, an Entity Relationship Diagram that applies to their application(s) during this course. The price for this course is reduced to $195 if taken in conjunction with an SQL course or a Microsoft Access course.

1 day

Introduction to Oracle
Introduction to features and functions of Oracle databases. Also covers SQL and PL/SQL. This course is designed for those who need a quick survey of the Oracle architecture and capabilities. Students taking this course should be familiar with relational databases and have some acquaintance with SQL. It would be a good complement to our Oracle SQL class which covers SQL in more depth. When taken in conjunction with an Oracle SQL class the price is only $125.

1 day

Relational Database Design - A Practical Approach
In this course students will learn the general principles involved in designing a database that complies with the relational database model. The conceptual content of this course is not specific to any software application but Microsoft Access will be used to perform the tasks in the lessons pertaining to queries. Visio or an equivalent modeling tool will be used for diagramming exercises. Students should have some familiarity with data tables and basic knowledge of how to create queries in Microsoft Access or equivalent.

1 day

Relational Database Design with MySQL
In this course, you will plan, design, and create a functional and efficient relational database. You can create effective database designs by applying the relational database design techniques taught in this course. MySQL will be used for implementation and is the basis for the manual. However, another database can be substituted upon request. Visio or equivalent design tools may be used for design. Students should have some familiarity with data tables and basic knowledge of how to create queries in Microsoft Access or equivalent.

1 day

Basic Crystal Reports
Hands-on course covering the fundamental features and functions of Crystal Reports, a leading report writing program. Students will explore the program environment, and learn how to open, navigate, create, modify, and save reports. They will learn the basics of formatting report objects, of sorting and selecting records, and creating groups and summaries. They will also learn how to create simple formulas and functions. Finally, students will work with Crystal Reports experts and wizards, and learn how to export reports to various file formats. Students should take Advanced Crystal Reports next.

2 days

Advanced Crystal Reports
This hands-on course builds on the skills and concepts taught in Crystal Reports Basic. Students will learn how to create and use parameter fields, advanced formulas using variables, and advanced functions. They will also learn how to create and customize charts and maps, apply advanced formatting options to report elements, and create alerts and subreports. Finally, students will work with the Business Objects Enterprise Repository and the Workbench, and they will learn advanced data access techniques including ODBC data sources and SQL query-building. Students should have taken Basic Crystal Reports or have equivalent knowledge.

2 days

Introduction to Database Diagramming with Visio
Hands-on short course in using Microsoft Visio to diagram relational database designs. Covers ERDs (Entity Relationship Diagrams), entities, attributes and relationships. Relationships covered are 1 to 1, 1 to many, many to many, recursive and subtype. Assumes some prior familiarity with relational databases.

1/2 day

Individual Combo Training Passport
6 full days of regularly scheduled classes at a large discount. Good for any scheduled class in San Juan Capistrano. Valid for six-months from date of purchase. Includes all application passport classes plus the list below. Additional days may be purchased on the original invoice or any time within the passport period.

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • Relational Database Design
  • Microsoft Access VBA Programming
  • JavaScript
Please refer to the Application Passport if interested in an even less expensive option for the 100 level courses.

6 days

Database courses are offered in three formats: 1) on-site at your location in the Greater Los Angeles and San Diego areas, 2) Private one-one-training as arranged, and 3) scheduled classes in San Juan Capistrano, Orange County. See calendar...

Calendar of Scheduled Classes in San Juan Capistrano

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