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Microsoft Access Courses (Curriculum Suggestions...)
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Introduction to Microsoft Access
2 day introductory course to Microsoft Access, the leading desktop database. Covers databases, tables, the datasheet, sorting and manipulating tables, import/export, queries, forms and reports. Using our supplied courseware, students will work on several small database application during this course. These database can be tailored to the needs of custom groups or private training students. No prior knowledge of Access is assumed. As part of our courseware platform students have online access to course materials such as checklists, videos and assessments.

2 days


Microsoft Access Training Part 1
1 day introductory Microsoft Access course covering databases, tables, the datasheet, sorting and manipulating tables, basic queries, reports and forms. Using our courseware students will work on several small database applications during this course or develop their own. These can be tailored to the needs of a custom group or private training student. No prior knowledge of Access is assumed. The next class in sequence is AIN100B Microsoft Access level 2. Following the class students will have on-going access to online materials such as videos and assesments.

1 day


Microsoft Access Training Part 2
1 day introductory course covering database design, subdatasheets, data validation, advanced queries, and advanced reporting techniques. Using our courseware students may update several small database applications, including any created in AIN100A. This course is the same as AIN100 Introduction to Microsoft Access day 2. Microsoft Access knowledge equivalent to AIN100A is assumed. The next class in sequence is AIN103 Microsoft Access level 3. Following the class students will have ongoing access to online support materials such as videos and assessments.

1 day


Accelerated Introduction to Access
Accelerated Introduction to Microsoft Access, the powerful but user-friendly desktop database. For experienced Microsoft Office users. Corresponds roughly to material required for MOS certification. Covers tables, external data, queries, forms, reports, action queries, macros and navigation. Students will create a working database application during this intensive, hands-on course. This database can be tailored to the needs of custom groups or private training students. No prior knowledge of Access assumed although students should be proficent with standard Microsoft Office.

1 and 1/2 days


Microsoft Access Training Part 3
This course covers advanced form techniques, sharing data, working with macros and VBA, performing database maintenance and switchboards. Classroom activities can be tailored for private classes. Microsoft Access knowledge equivalent to AIN100B is assumed.

1 day


Microsoft Access Focus on Queries
Learn effective MS Access query design in this unique, hands-on course. Covers select, maketable, append, update, delete and union queries. Includes single and multi-table queries, functions, summary queries, inner joins, outer joins, and subqueries. Ideal course for those seeking a deeper knowledge of Access queries than is taught in traditional Access classes.

1 day


Microsoft Access Reporting & Analysis
A hands-on introduction to Microsoft Access specially designed for those who will be downloading data and using Access for reporting and analysis. Course covers tables, external data, queries, action queries and reports. Classes can be tailored to the needs of custom groups or private training students. No prior knowledge of Access is assumed.

1 day


Beginning Access VBA Training
One day beginning Access VBA course. Covers modules, classes, programming constructs, etc. Requires some familiarity with basic programming concepts.The next class in sequence is AVB202 Intermediate Access VBA

1 day


Intermediate Access VBA Training
Half day Intermediate Access VBA programming. Covers data manipulation via ADO and DAO. Pre-requisite: AVB201 and SQL200A or equivalent knowledge.

1/2 day


Programming Microsoft Access using VBA
One day introduction to programming Access databases using VBA. Covers, modules, subs, VBA GUI, Collections, Active X and debugging.

1 day


Microsoft Access Hourly Training (Tutoring); min 2 hrs
Hourly price for one-on-one Private Training (Tutoring) on Microsoft Access at our office or yours. Minimum 2 hours.

2 hrs


Access SQL & Query Design Training
Introductory Access SQL Programming course using MS Access. Also covers using the MS Access Query Designer. Students will gain a thorough introduction to designing and implementing MS Access queries using JET SQL in this unique course. Can also be taught with SQL Server, MySQL or Oracle as the back-end. A basic knowledge of MS Access and query concepts is assumed.

1 day


Relational Database Design - A Practical Approach
In this course students will learn the general principles involved in designing a database that complies with the relational database model. The conceptual content of this course is not specific to any software application but Microsoft Access will be used to perform the tasks in the lessons pertaining to queries. Visio or an equivalent modeling tool will be used for diagramming exercises. Students should have some familiarity with data tables and basic knowledge of how to create queries in Microsoft Access or equivalent.

1 day


Individual Application Training Passport
6 full days of classes for six months. Good for any regularly scheduled 100 series class. Valid for six months from date of purchase. Additional days may be purchased on the original invoice or at any time during the passport period. Classes include:
  • Microsoft Access
  • Project Management Fundamentals
  • Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Java
Please refer to the Combo Passport if interested in additional course levels such as SQL and VBA.

6 days


Microsoft Access courses are offered in three formats: 1) on-site at your location or our studio in San Juan Capistrano, Orange County, California), 2) Private one-one-training as arranged, and 3) scheduled classes in San Juan Capistrano (most offered every week or two). See calendar...

Calendar of Scheduled Classes in San Juan Capistrano

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