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AVB207: Programming Microsoft Access using VBA

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Tuition: $295.00 per student

Length: 1 day

Synopsis: One day introduction to programming Access databases using VBA. Covers, modules, subs, VBA GUI, Collections, Active X and debugging.

Formats: Corporate groups (min. 2 students) at your facility or ours in San Juan Capistrano, Orange County, California. Single individuals may take a scheduled class or arrange a private class on a different date.

Scheduling: Flexible. Group and private training can be scheduled to suit your needs. See calendar for scheduled classes.

Group Discounts: 2-4 students 20%, 5-8 30%, >8 quote


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Session 1Programming Basics3.0 Hours
  • Unit 1: Visual Basic Editor
    • Topic A: Objects - Discussing objects, Examining the Properties window, Modifying the object properties, Writing code to change object properties, Using a method, Associating code with an event
    • Topic B: Object Browser - Examining the Object Browser window, Searching in the Object Browser
    • Topic C: Collections - Understanding collection objects, Using the Controls collection
  • Unit 2: Programming basics
    • Topic A: Working with data - Examining data types and variables, Declaring variables explicitly, Using operators, Using the interaction functions
    • Topic B: Scope - Observing modules and procedures, Examining procedure- and module-level scope, Understanding public scope, Creating a Sub procedure, Calling a Sub procedure, Creating a Function procedure in a standard module, Calling a Function procedure
  • Unit 3: Control structures
    • Topic A: Decision structures - Using the If...Then statement, Using the If...Then...Else statement, Using the If...Then...ElseIf statement, Using the Select Case statement
    • Topic B: Loop structures, Using the For...Next loop, Using the For Each...Next loop, Using the Do While...Loop
Session 2ActiveX, Debugging3.0 Hours
  • Unit 4 : ActiveX Data Objects
    • Topic A: Getting started with ActiveX Data Objects - Discussing ADO, Discussing ADO collections
    • Topic B: Working with ActiveX Data Objects - Connecting to a database, Creating a Recordset object, Navigating a Recordset, Saving and canceling changes
  • Unit 5 : VBA debugging tools
    • Topic A: Errors in code - Discussing types of errors
    • Topic B: Debugging techniques - Discussing debugging tools, Setting a breakpoint, Adding a watch expression, Using Step Into, Deleting a watch expression, Working with the Immediate window, Using the Locals window
    • Topic C: Handling runtime errors - Writing error-handling code
  • Appendix A : Office integration
    • Topic A:0 Automating Office 2007
    • Topic B:0 Working with Word from Access
    • Topic C:0 Working with Excel from Access

Materials: Complete student manual, Training Certificate.


Location: Classes are normally taught on-site at your facilities or at our studio in San Juan Capistrano, Orange County, California. We may also be able to host the class in a rented university classroom near you. Please see FAQs if interested.

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